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Here are some of the questions we often hear

1. Can’t I just spray bleach on mold to kill it?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about mold. Yes, bleach will kill mold on non-porous surfaces like glass or most tile. It will not, however, completely kill mold on non-porous surfaces like wood, drywall or carpet. It is toxic to humans, highly caustic and harmful to wood and will hide your mold problem, letting it grow unchecked, creating a bigger long-term problem for your property.

2. If I wear a mask, can I remove asbestos and lead paint myself?

A mask will provide some protection, but you run a very definite risk of spreading the asbestos or lead paint particles throughout your home or property, increasing the risk for inhabitants. This will greatly increase health risks to those exposed. It may also be illegal for you to dispose of materials and perform work without a permit. Asbestos and lead paint removal are definitely jobs for licensed professionals with property training, techniques and tools.

3. Why should I choose a company that can remediate water damage and do the reconstruction?

Hawaii Mold and Flood is licensed for both tasks. This means only one company is in your home or business and it can handle the problem from start to finish. Many water damage companies will remediate your water damage, but leave you to find of contractor on your own to finish the job restoring your property. This can prove costly in time and money.

4. What is an InstaScope?

The technical description is a wideband integrated bioaerosol spectrometer. In layman’s terms, it is a highly-accurate, real time air quality analysis machine. Our InstaScope allows us to measure the quality of air in a room instantly—a huge time saver over the old method of sending air quality samples off to a lab and waiting for results. The benefit for building owners and occupants is that we determine the presence of mold with one visit and determine what, if anything, needs to be done to achieve acceptable indoor air quality.